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This page is dedicated to people’s “stories.” Stories that make a difference. Stories that impacted the storytellers life as well as the lives of many many others. We hope you find their stories interesting, inspiring, and encouraging. Share them with your family and friends. If you find these videos helpful, be sure to subscribe to Bethel Church Choctaw’s YouTube Channel. Simply follow the link and select “Subscribe” and you will be notified whenever Bethel Church Choctaw publishes a new video. If you have a story to share, let us know by filling out this form, and you too could be a “Bethel Reel Story!”

At age 93, Yuvonne has some fascinating and inspiring stories to tell. By the way she still drives her own car. (April 2024)
Donna shares how the death of a child impacted their family and many others. (May 2024)