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Jesus Revealed As God (Part 10)

In this continuing study on the gospel of John, Keith challenges the listener to stop loving only those who think like, act like, and even vote like them!  In John 4 Jesus encounters a woman of Samaria. What? Why would he do that? The Jews thought Samaritians were dogs and half human!  Yet the Lord shows great compassion and care for this woman.  What does that mean for us today? Perhaps it’s time we stop what we are doing and step out of our comfort zone of “like mindedness” and talk to a “Samaritian.” Listen carefully and be sure to leave Keith a comment about what you think of his message.


  1. You do so well at providing context, like historical, geographic, political. And you make it interesting and it adds to the value of the message. Isn’t it wonderful how the Scriptures deal with our spiritual needs? Jesus set the example through His life, ministry, death and resurrection and risen Life. Thanks.

    • Thank you Irene…I do know that you are my biggest fan! I always appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I pray that I am always faithful to God’s faithful and true Word.

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