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Jesus Revealed As God (Part 15)

After a couple of weeks off, Keith returns to the gospel of John chapter 8 and shares with you the Biblical example of how Christians should deal with those who have sinned.  He mentions five stones that Christians throw that Jesus never threw.  Let’s learn from Christ’s example on how to treat others. 

After God’s Heart

Jan Prichard brings a fresh new look to “Valentine’s Day” with this important message on “After God’s Heart.” It is a common concept to give our hearts away to someone we love during this holiday…but what about God? Are you after God’s heart? He has given all His love to you and His desire is for you to return the love. Let Jan know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section.

Principles For Christian Living (Part 5)

In this message Keith will cover what true forgiveness is.  He will list the examples of Jesus’ first words spoken on the cross and Stephen’s last words before he died.  Do you know what they are?  In addition to forgiveness Keith talks about true Christian love and what it means to allow the peace of God to rule your life. Listen and leave a comment in the comments section on the podcast page.

A Father’s Love

Pastor Temple shares a very inspirational message from the parable of the “Prodigal Son.”  In this message he will bring out how the son’s father showed true unconditional love toward his son just as the heavenly Father does toward His children.  Grab your Bible and turn to Luke 15:11 and follow along with with Pastor Temple as he recounts this moving story about “A Father’s Love.”

Unspoilable Fruit

Jesus talked about a “fruit” that will last. One that is eternal or unspoilable. But what is that fruit and how do we produce it. In this message, Keith Fife shares with us what Jesus meant when He told the disciples they should bear or produce fruit that will last and how we can have that eternal fruit.