Preparing People For Life!

Our Mission

To demonstrate God in His power and purity to the youth culture of Bethel, Choctaw and to the Nations.

Our Vision

To see young people have a divine encounter with Jesus Christ, to grow in intimacy with the Lord, and become a supernatural revivalist in their world.

Our Strategy

Through every event, youth service, and created opportunity, our strategy is to maximize the impact of God’s love through the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Every youth leader connects with teens to build meaningful relationships in order to teach and impart the life of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our strategy is a four step process:
Disconnected, Belong, Believe, Become

Disconnected (Mark 16:15-18)

Young People will gravitate to a place or a people that are loving and accepting. God gives us the power of the Holy Spirit for creativity to reach a lost and dying world. Our goal is not only to reach the lost, but to empower our youth to be a bold witness.
Outreach events:

  • Friend Nights
  • Youth Camp
  • FIRE Internship

Belong (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)

This is one of the most difficult processes in the strategy, but the most important link. We endeavor to connect teens through relationships, or help them get involved in relationships. Nine times out of ten, they get involved through a friend that is already connected.
It’s all about relationships:

  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Sunday Night Ministry Teams

Believe (Ephesians 4:11-16)

Here are just some of the many ways we build up the youth of Awakening. We believe that every opportunity, event, conflict, service, message, sorrow, pain, and times of rejoicing are opportunities to see a young person grow in their relationship with God. A major part of building teens is helping them grow in integrity and character, and helping them discover who they are in Christ. We also want to nurture the giftings of the Spirit inside of each of our teens so that they can grow in their gifts and learn how to lead out of their identity and God’s love.
Building teens is a blast:

  • Wednesday Night Youth Service
  • School of Leaders
  • Sunday Night Ministry Teams
  • FIRE Internship

Become (Matthew 28:19-20)

Young people are sent everyday into some of the greatest mission fields of the world; public schools. What other times in their lives will they have this opportunity to know so many lost and hurting individuals? Our heart is that every young person would be built up in love and walk in boldness to affect their culture! Our goal is to send them out equipped as much as possible for life’s battles, relationships, direction, and following the call of God for their lives.
Releasing teens to go:

  • Their Schools
  • Friend Night Cards

Our Core Values:

  • Love God completely
  • Love Teenagers unconditionally
  • Honor everyone as God’s creation
  • Stay true to a gospel of power
  • Live pure
  • Do everything with excellence
  • Keep integrity and character as a foundation for life and ministry
  • Follow vision, not need
  • Commitment to God, the team, and the vision is our priority in life
  • Always give 100% to what you are committed to
  • Recognize potential, encourage and release others in their giftings
  • Pray for our kids and each other all of the time
  • Be loyal to leadership and team members
  • Be teachable
  • Live in the realm of creativity

Our Youth Pastors

Youth Ministries Pastors – Mike and Nanci Noakes

Worship Team Leaders – Zane David and Joshylnn Gabel


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