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Prime Time Seniors

Going Places and Doing Things!

The Prime Time Seniors’ Ministry is for those men and women who are in their “senior” years but are still young at heart! One thing is certain…this group is not the stereotypical “seniors” group! You will find them active, vibrant, and full of life! They enjoy getting together every Tuesday at 9:00 am at West Campus for prayer, Bible study, games, and a fantastic meal.

Occasionally they will take a “field trip” where they go to the State Fair, special theater production, or other fun and entertaining activity. This is a wonderful group of seniors who are full of encouragement for each other and are faithful and supportive of one another in times of need.

So, if you are age 55 and up you are invited to join them each Tuesday at 9:00 am at West Campus.  They would love to have your suggestions, ideas and fellowship.  Watch the bulletin for specific details about special events and their dates and times. Contact Wanda Echard at 405-641-1573 for more information about the Prime Time Seniors’ Ministry.



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