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Valentine’s Banquet — “Murder Mystery”

Tickets are on sale now for the Valentine’s Banquet dinner and “murder mystery” play. The lively crew heads out west to a real dude ranch.  They are seeking to has out their differences by living a cowboy’s life and re-enacting scenes fro the “Old West.”  Just as hope appears, several scalawags are caught lyin’ like a rug!  One pilgrim retaliates by taking out the worst scoundrel of all.  Who dun it? Why? And How’d he or she pull it off?  You’ work to solve these question and join in other fun opportunities to live the cowboy or cowgal life — even if it’s just for one evening.

If you are fan of food, fun, and mystery, then please join us Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 7 p.m. Be sure to DRESS WESTERN STYLE!

  • Cost is $20 per adult (16 years and up)
  • $10 per child (10-15 years old)
  • Childcare $3 per child (infant-9 years old; sign up by February 1 required)
  • Tickets must be purchased by Sunday, February 1
  • Seating is limited so sign up in the foyer or call the office at 405.390.2381
  • Contact Brian Edwards for more info 405.390.5064 or


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