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The Victory Of Forgiveness (Part 3)

There are many reasons people become resentful. Here are a few:

  • When people criticize you
  • When you feel controlled by others
  • When people falsely accuse you or judge you
  • When you feel lied to or lied about
  • When people make fun of you
  • When people persecute you or use you

There are many others reasons too.  Any one of these or a combination of them can and usually does bring anger, hurt, and resentment. This is exactly where Satan wants you to live because he knows living in this manner will rob you of your joy, peace, happiness, and many other blessings God desires for you.

The progressive stages of bitterness:

  • First you become oversensitive to verbal remarks, actions, or lack of actions
  • That often lead to hurt feelings and wounds
  • Then you begin to have repulsive feelings toward a person at the thought, of them or hearing about or seeing them
  • Then you begin to retain the hurts and wounds, and frequently talking about them
  • After that you will develop an alienation of the person who did the wrong
  • That is followed by you making verbal and slanderous remarks against the person
  • The you begin to experience mental and physical health issues and other types of problems

Many people who have been wounded or hurt develop an awful emotional and spiritual bondage and this opens a door to the enemy and allows demonic spirits access to your life.

Here is a truth that many don’t realize: “the person who has unforgiveness in their heart is the one who is really paying the price. They are the ones who suffer the most.” The truth is the people choose to be unforgiving. Here are a few signs of unforgiveness:

  • You repeat the hurt or injustice done to you on other people
  • You reiterate the offense to yourself and others over and over again
  • You get upset when you hear the offenders name
  • You allow the painful emotional situation to become your identity
  • You try to “justify” your unforgiveness to others.

Benefits of Forgiveness

There are many benefits we experience when we forgive others.  There is just a sense of relief that comes when we forgive and it refreshes our mind, spirit, and soul.

  • Happiness and joy
  • Peace of mind
  • Freedom from guilt
  • Removal of obstacles and roadblocks
  • Removal of the hurt and pain that was once there
  • Rebuilds and restores friendships and relationships with others
  • Reconcile our relationship with God
  • Brings emotional and physical healing
  • Brings divine spiritual healing to your heart and soul

Don’t allow the hurts of the past to control your present and future.  Be forgiving as your Father in heaven is forgiving.

— Pastor Temple


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